The Effect of Coronavirus on Gut Revealed in New Study 

Previously, scientists mentioned the effect of coronavirus on different parts of the body including the lungs and heart. A recent study shows that people having coronavirus infection can also show some specific gastrointestinal symptoms. The researchers studied 36 different articles to gather evidence about this phenomenon. 

This study was published recently in the Abdominal Radiology journal

The study highlights that abdominal radiologists should look out for some specific symptoms that can indicate coronavirus infection. Covid-19 is caused by a novel coronavirus and we do not know the exact mechanism of action of this virus. Moreover, we do not have a treatment or vaccine yet available to prevent this virus. 

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This novel virus has several similar factors to the MERS and SARS virus but still differs in several aspects. Scientists can provide information about this virus after studying it for some time. The most common symptoms of this infection include fever, difficulty in breathing, coughing, and loss of sense of taste and smell. However, scientists keep identifying more symptoms as time passes. 

Dr. Mitch Wilson is the co-author of this study and a radiologist. He said the evidence that coronavirus causes some abdominal symptoms are growing and this latest research focuses on these symptoms. According to the researchers, these symptoms are not present in every person infected with the virus as the case with the rest of the symptoms. Some people might have some other well-known symptoms while others show several gastrointestinal symptoms. 

The researchers conducted an analysis of nearly 4,200 individuals infected with the virus. The meta-analysis results show that 17.6% of these individuals have gut symptoms. Researchers also highlighted the signs and symptoms that the abdominal radiologists can mention while conducting radio imaging. 

These signs and symptoms include bowel perforation, bowel wall filled with air, and bowel inflammation. Several people with coronavirus infection showed these signs. This indicated that these symptoms can also be a sign of the novel coronavirus infection apart from other well-known symptoms. However, these signs rarely occur among people with Covid-19. Mostly, people have common symptoms or they are asymptomatic. 

According to Dr. Wilson, these gastrointestinal symptoms do not indicate that the person has a coronavirus infection. However, this can be an effect of coronavirus. Dr. Wilson also mentions that these gut symptoms occur due to a variety of infections and coronavirus can be one of them. 

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The researchers suggest that people with these symptoms should consult a physician. Although these symptoms commonly occur in people due to various reasons. But they can also be an effect of coronavirus. Scientists are studying the various coronavirus symptoms and many people show a variety of symptoms. 

Previously, researchers also found that the coronavirus can cause severe effects on the soft organs of the body. It majorly affects the lungs but can also target the heart. This new study highlights that the signs of this novel virus can vary from person to person. Meanwhile, there is enough evidence available from several studies that coronavirus can cause an effect on the gut.  

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