Brain Cancer Treatment Using Seaweed Extract Found Effective 

Recent research on brain cancer treatment shows that brown seaweed has prominent effects on a commonly found brain tumor. A particular compound extracted from this sugar kelp has anti-cancer effects, as shown in the latest study. 

This study was published recently in the journal PLOS ONE.

A team of researchers from a European funded study found fucoxanthin, a carotenoid pigment in seaweed. Brown seaweed is commonly available in the market and used for various purposes. Previously conducted studies show that Fucoxanthin is powerful against obesity and cancer and also acts as an antioxidant. 

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The researchers mentioned that fucoxanthin enhances the effect of other drugs used in the treatment as well. It also inhibits the growth of cancer cells and limits the proliferation of tumors. Hence, this bioactive compound can effectively target brain cancer cells along with other pharmaceutical drugs. This combination can provide an effective brain cancer treatment and limit the progress of a highly aggressive brain tumor. 

The most commonly found brain tumor glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is a highly aggressive malignant tumor. Fucoxanthin can act as an effective remedy against this widely occurring cancer. Data from European countries shows that 3-4 cases of this brain tumor emerge every year out of 100,000 individuals from this region. 

The patients with this type of brain tumor have a low chance of survival and most of them can only live for 12 months once the diagnosis occurs. However, scientists are looking for factors in the genetic system that can contribute to this type of brain cancer. The low survival rate among patients with this type of tumor is mainly due to the heterogeneity of this tumor. This tumor has different regions and each region shows different behavior towards the treatment. 

Currently, the treatment for this tumor only targets one type of cancer cell which the other regions grow into bigger tumors. Hence, scientists are looking for a combination of treatments that are effective against all regions of this tumor. This can help target the whole brain cancer treatment at the same time. 

The researchers mention that all combinations of conventional drugs and natural remedies do not work effectively to control the growth of cancer. The specific mechanisms of cancer cells do not allow all combinations of medication to act on them. However, fucoxanthin is an effective anticancer carotenoid and works better than other compounds of this family. 

Researchers also said that the structural integrity of this compound gives the therapeutic effects that help eliminate the diseases. They will conduct further research to point out the factor that makes this compound a stronger therapeutic agent and a better component to combine with other pharmaceutical drugs. 

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Brown seaweed is enriched with bioactive compounds that can cater to various industries. These compounds have multiple uses in the functional food, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceutical industries. Brown seaweed is also widely used as a food source and commonly found in European markets. 

The seaweed industry will flourish due to the various benefits of this macroalgae. Several companies dealing with seaweed cultivation and from the genetics department are working together to bring this wonder of the ocean into the limelight.  

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