Early Results of Russian Coronavirus Vaccine Trial Found Promising 

The Russian coronavirus vaccine was in the trial phase and recently the initial findings from these trials came forward. These results suggest that this vaccine has up to 92 percent efficacy against the novel coronavirus. Researchers collected this data from 20 individuals involved in the trial of 16,000 individuals. Some experts suggest that this is an encouraging finding while others believe that the vaccine is rushed. 

Recently, Pfizer BioNTech coronavirus vaccine results released which showed that the vaccine has 90 percent efficacy. The trial for this vaccine included 43,500 individuals which are far greater than the trial for the Russian coronavirus vaccine. However, this vaccine showed promising results during earlier research and scientists hope that this can help tackle the ongoing pandemic. 

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The Russian researchers said that the Sputnik V vaccine developed in Russia does not show any side effects so far. However, this is only the initial data from the trial and complete data is not revealed yet. Meanwhile, the researchers developing this vaccine mentioned that they will publish the data from the trials in an internationally acclaimed journal. 

If the Russian coronavirus vaccine found effective, we have more than one option to prevent the coronavirus infection. There are hundreds of coronavirus vaccines developed around the world but only some of them were found effective in trials. Many candidates are in the final trials and their results are now coming forward. 

The Pfizer coronavirus vaccine developed using some of the genetic code of the novel coronavirus. This generates the immune response against the virus and prevents infection. Meanwhile, the Sputnik V vaccine uses another harmless virus which researchers modified in the laboratory similar to the novel coronavirus. The body recognizes this virus as coronavirus and generates an immune response against it. Hence, when the actual coronavirus enters the body, it has enough antibodies to fight off the infection. 

Both of these vaccines require two doses to prevent coronavirus infection. However, the Sputnik vaccine has an advantage over the Pfizer vaccine as it does not need to be stored at very low temperatures (-80C). 

Russian scientists are hopeful that this vaccine can help lower the number of coronavirus cases in the world. This vaccine will be first available for the Russian residents and then distributed around the world. Many experts believe that this vaccine can help control the pandemic over the world while others believe that they rushed the process too quickly.

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Prof Eleanor Riley is an immunology professor at the University of Edinburgh. She said that vaccine production against the coronavirus is not a race or a competition. The trials should get optimum time so that we get authentic results. Also, there is no need to rush the results as it can lower the standards of these trials. 

According to the researchers, they received requests for over 1.2 billion Russian coronavirus vaccine doses from 50 different countries around the world. The researchers also mentioned that they can supply 500 million coronavirus vaccine doses each year to fulfill the global demand for the vaccine. 

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