Covid-19 Related Deaths Rise with the Holiday Season Approaching 

With the holiday season coming, Covid-19 related deaths are increasing every day and experts believe that this rate will only surge in the coming days. Nearly 241,000 people died due to coronavirus infection in the US and the number is only increasing. According to health experts, this disastrous increase in Covid-19 related deaths will lead to dangerous outcomes for the country. 

The data by the Johns Hopkins University shows that the US recorded 1893 coronavirus deaths this Wednesday. Also, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, University of Washington predictions show that the country will lose 110,000 more lives to the novel coronavirus over the next 2 months. 

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Reports suggest that the coronavirus task force at the White House warned about the increase in the spread of coronavirus among communities. The hospitalizations are also increasing in almost every state due to the pandemic. This calls for an increase in demand for ventilators and artificial oxygen in hospitals. 

The hospitalization rate is particularly higher in colder regions of the country. Experts predict that these cases will increase with the holiday season coming soon. Also, some hospitals in the country are at the full capacity of treating patients and many of them are sending patients home without treating them. 

Doctors repeatedly request the public to take significant measures to control the spread of coronavirus. They recommend wearing face masks, taking care of hygiene, washing hands properly, and maintaining social distancing in public. These measures are proven to control the spread of the virus and the Americans need to follow these rules considering the adversity of the situation in the country. 

Even though experts keep suggesting people follow the guidelines, they believe that their efforts will go in vain. People will probably ignore the guidelines during thanksgiving and celebrate the season to its full glory ignoring the ongoing pandemic. Hence, these gatherings during Thanksgiving will significantly show an increase in Covid-19 related deaths. 

The coronavirus pandemic caused a lockdown in the country which caused distance among most of the families. Many people were not able to meet their grandparents for a long time. Experts believe that many families will gather around with their older relatives due to the lockdown this year. The pandemic also took a toll on the mental and emotional health of adults and as well as children. Hence, most people will avail of this opportunity to rejoice themselves while ignoring the danger of a lethal virus. 

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Experts suggest to hold Thanksgiving dinner in an outdoor space instead of indoors. Also, people should allow extra space to the elders of the family so that can have greater social distance. The coronavirus shows more severe infections in older people which often leads to hospitalization or death. Hence, protecting the older members of the family should be the priority during the holiday season. 

Several colleges reported coronavirus outbreaks since they reopened. Also, most of the college students will visit their homes during Thanksgiving and they might be carrying the coronavirus infection. These students should take the necessary precautions and get themselves tested in case of any coronavirus symptoms. 

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