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New Coronavirus Treatment Approved by the FDA

Scientists around the world are continuously working to develop an effective vaccine or a new coronavirus treatment to end the pandemic. The Canadian researchers developed a monoclonal antibody therapy for the novel coronavirus. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved this treatment for use in the US but the Canadian health department has not yet given a green light to this therapy for use in Canada. 

This new coronavirus treatment uses antibodies and known as bamlanivimab. The treatment showed positive results during the clinical trials. This therapy was effective in people with mild or moderate level Covid-19. It helped lessen the severity of infection in people with health conditions including obesity, kidney disease, or diabetes. The therapy also worked for older age people above 65 years. It also showed a reduction in hospitalization cases due to coronavirus in the clinical trials. 

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According to the data presented by the US, people with more than one health condition are at a higher risk of coronavirus related death. However, this new coronavirus treatment can help reduce those cases. This therapy uses monoclonal antibodies also known as protein synthesized in the laboratory to fight coronavirus infection. These proteins act on the mechanism of the natural immune response of the body and help fight viral infections such as Covid-19. 

This particular therapy prevents the attachment of coronavirus to the cells in the body. Researchers suggest that this treatment can prove a game-changer during the pandemic when the Covid-19 cases are rapidly increasing. It can help save the lives of people who are at higher risk of death due to their underlying health conditions. 

Experts believe that these treatments can still help even if a vaccine is available to tackle the coronavirus. It can help immunocompromised individuals or those who react to the coronavirus vaccine. The US authorities approved the treatment earlier. Meanwhile, the Canadian authorities are taking their time to review the treatment. This is in the review process in Canada and the authorities will soon give their decision. 

A spokesperson from Health Canada mentioned that they want to provide safe medication to Canadians. Hence, they are taking their time to ensure that this is a high-quality treatment and meets their standards. 

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Hospitalizations and coronavirus deaths are rapidly increasing in the US. Recently, the coronavirus vaccine announced by Pfizer showed positive results but it is not yet available for administration. Meanwhile, heath professionals are looking for treatments that can help control the number of infections during this time. 

The US health experts fear a rise in cases in the coming days due to winter and the gathering during the holiday season. This can further spike the cases in the country that are already rising. The new coronavirus treatment will only be given to people who have mild to moderate symptoms of the coronavirus infection. People with severe infection are already in a critical stage and this treatment can trigger adverse outcomes in such people. Hence, experts suggest this treatment for people in the early stage of coronavirus infection. 

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