Can Mouthwash Kill Coronavirus? Maybe NOT!

How a mouthwash can kill coronavirus within 30 seconds is all over the media, after a new study has come up with these findings. This study was conducted by the research team from Cardiff University and they have shared their study findings online for now. It is currently not published in any journal.

But what are the chances of this being true? Considering mouthwash can really kill coronavirus, it looks like we have a solution for this pandemic. Or it can be a part of an individual treatment plan. But it may not be good news because killing the virus is not really a purpose.

There are so many things that can supposedly kill coronavirus but they may fail to control the source and spread of this virus.

There is actual research data that supports that mouthwash can kill coronavirus and for good reasons, it might be true. But alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or chlorhexidine, and many other types of substances are also killed coronavirus right away or after some time. So finding something that can kill the viral body is probably not the solution for a pandemic, some health experts say.

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None of the recent studies focused on reducing the risk of transmission or contracting it which requires more attention at this moment. Once the virus enters inside the body, it starts multiplying like anything and within a few hours, it takes over the whole body infecting the upper respiratory tract and lungs. If the virus makes inside the body, there is no way to stop its spread and compounds like mouthwash or cleaners may not be a useful option.

There is absolutely no way through which we can sterilize the mouth, and no one can stop breathing. So there are high chances that the virus can be contracted or transmitted through cough, breathe, or sneeze.

Using a mouthwash means that you are only removing the viral strains from the oral cavity. But there are good chances that this reduction in viral load is only for a short time. After some time, the virus is most likely to grow back and invading the body. There is absolutely no way to completely sterilize the mouth preventing viral re-emergence.

Oral rinses provide temporary relief but they can not stop a disease progression. The same thing is true for UV radiation which also supposedly kills coronavirus.

UV light coming from any source can kill the coronavirus from a surface. But it doesn’t ensure a human from getting COVID-19 because the UV light can not penetrate inside the body and kill the virus, preventing it to spread.

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Mouthwashes and other things like these can only provide short-lived protection that too when there is a high chance of inhaling the virus through the mouth.

People are trying bizarre ways to get protection against the coronavirus for example using a hand sanitizer inside their nose. But the truth is that all these methods are dangerous and they don’t help.

Hand sanitizers can effectively kill the virus on hands and surfaces. The health experts suggesting using a hand sanitizer so that you don’t indirectly give yourself a coronavirus which is easily transmitted through public surfaces. But using it inside the nose is different. For preventing viruses to enter the nose, wear a face mask, and maintain social distancing with people.


Areeba Hussain

The author is a fulltime medical and healthcare writer. She graduated in Medical Microbiology and Immunology with distinction. Her areas of prime interest are medicine, medical technology, disease awareness, and research analysis. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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