CDC Secretly Deleted Controversial Guidelines About Reopening Schools in US

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has silently removed its controversial online guidelines for reopening schools. These guidelines were posted online urging schools to re-open this fall implying that there is less risk of viral transmission in children.

The guideline document on the CDC website said that children have a low chance of getting COVID-19, so reopening school is somehow safe. It also implied that the risk of this pandemic is lesser for children as compared to adults and children are less likely to be spreading the virus.

Now CDC has deleted these two guideline pages from its official website without giving an explanation or making any public announcement.

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The CDC spokesperson commented on it saying that information on those guidelines was outdated. There is new scientifically proven data that proves that children can spread the virus and are also likely to suffer from its complications. For this reason, CDC has updated its website and it only shares the verified and latest information about COVID-19.

Although cases of COVID-19 in children are lesser as compared to adults, it doesn’t mean that they are at low risk or cant be infected. The initial information was shared during a time when there was little information available on the virus. There was no clear information on how children can play a role in spreading it. But the new evidence says that they can transmit it to other children, parents, and teachers too.

Previously, the Trump government tried its best to push the schools to reopen using in-person education as a point. It also implied that reopening of schools as per CDC guidelines and parents returning to their workplaces will strengthen the economy. However, many health experts believe that CDC guidelines were more of a political nature and carried less evidential weight.

Before removing these documents, the director of CDC, Robert Redfield was in talks with Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.)who is the chairperson of the Subcommittee managing the Coronavirus Crisis, saying that this information was outdated.

Clyburn shares in a recent statement that removing these guidelines was a good step from CDC and the information currently available is as per the latest research.

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Coronavirus cases are increasing every day and the US continues to be the worst-hit country by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is extremely important that the public has accurate, up to date and authentic information on coronavirus spread and management.

According to the latest information on coronavirus, children can become infected and transmit the virus, just like adults. The CDC website now explains that there is growing evidence on children likely to contract and transmit the coronavirus, contrary to the previous findings.

It also says that the close contact of teachers with students requires extreme caution as it can most likely transmit all respiratory diseases including the coronavirus.

In addition to that, there is growing evidence that reopening schools is probably not a good idea because these institutes are literally a hotspot for viral spread. Not young children but older children are more likely to get and transmit it to other people. still, the World Health Organization calls that evidence on COVID-19 spread through schools and institutes is limited.




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