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Birmingham Hospitals Have the Highest Number of COVID-19 Patient in UK

The second wave of Covid has shaken the entire world and many countries including the UK has been reporting a high increase in COVID-19 patients. The Birmingham Hospitals including Queen Elizabeth hospital, Heartlands, and Good Hope Hospital have recorded the highest number of COVID-19 patients in the UK by hitting 450. The worst thing is that these patient admissions are not stopping and the hospital services are under extreme pressure to facilitate them.

The biggest hospital trust in Birmingham city, University Hospitals Birmingham has the most amount of COVID-19 patients than all other trusts in the UK and expecting an increase in this number. Right now, there are nearly 60 daily cases coming to these hospitals which are almost double the number of people, who were coming to the hospitals during the first wave of Covid in April.

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As per reports, one out of every eight patients is dying, despite the availability of better treatment facilities, as compared to the first wave of Covid in the UK. This situation in UK hospitals is worrisome and requires immediate action; but what could be done in this situation?

There is no other way to reduce the risk of contracting the virus without a vaccine available. But the vaccine availability is still far away and it may not be here for another couple of months at least. It will take a few months to get everyone vaccinated. But till then this risk of falling for the viral complexities is still high.

The daily new cases of COVID-19 patients in the UK is not just bad news for the general public but also pressure on the government. This situation is serious and the health experts people not to ignore the standard precautions which can save them from the virus. People probably assume that the vaccine will be here anytime so going out, meeting people, and ignoring the precautions sounds fine for them. What they don’t know is that the virus is still out there, hunting its targets. These reports from Birmingham Hospital is a sign that the risk of dying from coronavirus is still high.

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NHS advises to stop going out unnecessary and avoid contacting people who don’t share a room or house with you. Social distancing can save high-risk group people from the Covid spreaders, who could be anyone in a public gathering.  It also advises people to use a face covering or face mask which completely covers the mouth and nose, especially during shopping, traveling, or visiting hospitals.

Additionally, it advises people to take care of their health and wellbeing. In case a person suspects having Covid-19, he must immediately get tested and seek help using NHS 111 online coronavirus service.

For non-Covid related medical help, NHS advises to contact the regular NHS 111 online service, or simply give a call at 111 if you don’t have access to online help. If there is a life-threatening emergency, dial 999 to call an ambulance.


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