Woman Who Eats 9,000 Calories Cheat Meal Every Week

Livia Adams is a 25 years old young and healthy woman who eats six doughnuts for breakfast on a cheat day. She has recently opened up about her strange food habits which include a cheat meal of 9000 calories every week.

Her Youtube and Instagram accounts have thousands of followers, all of which are stunned at her incredible dietary habits. She regularly shares her food stories with her followers.

Livia is a content creator and business owner from Bonn, Germany. But back in 2014 when she was a student, she suffered from extreme depression which restricted her diet to only 500-600 calories daily. It took so many years for her to get out of this depression and start loving the food which she denied previously. It was a long and slow process but she is very happy with her progress.

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After a few years, she engaged herself in making videos while enjoying different cheat meal foods and shared them on popular social websites. According to her, it is a little help from her side for all those people who are struggling to create a happy relationship with diet.

Now, Livia enjoys only one cheat meal every week and she loves to eat her favorite foods in that cheat meal which sometimes reaches up to 9000 calories. She has estimated that she can eat food between 5000 to 9000 calories on daily basis but for good health, she only contains these calories on her cheat days.

Her cheat day starts with eating six donuts for breakfast. She likes to eat burgers and fries with soda for lunch. Or sometimes she eats pizza, as well as a sandwich with onion rings, or fries. For dinner, she likes milkshakes, muffins, crisps, and cake pops. Livia likes eating nuts in snacks.

She is trolled by some online people for being fat but she has never taken this seriously and avoid this type of negativity. She loves to receive positive and encouraging comments coming from her followers who find her videos helpful to get over food-related complexes and build a healthy relationship with food.

All her cheat days are filmed by her boyfriend, Nathan who has supported her throughout her struggle with food. Livia says that eating like a normal person wasn’t easy for her as it was deeply linked with her depression.

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But the appreciation and positive response that she received from her followers throughout this time have helped her to recover.

She says, after recovering from depression, she was able to enjoy the food like a new person. But she also accepts that her 9000 calories cheat meal is a shock to the world. Somehow it helps her to remain on track as she regularly exercises and maintains good health.

She says that she has worked so hard on herself to enjoy food again. She never really count the calories on her cheat days and these days never exceed one day in every week or one day in two weeks.

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