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Why Meghan Markle’s Miscarriage Statement is Touching for All Women?

Earlier this week, Megan Markle’s miscarriage story was all over the media. Duchess of Sussex experienced a miscarriage a few months ago, in July. Her story, describing how heartfelt this incident was for her and her husband, Prince Harry has been touched everyone’s heart and people are calling it truly impactful for everyone. It was the second baby of the couple.

She wrote that miscarriage typically shows up in every fourth pregnancy and the period after losing a baby is incredibly difficult.

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People are calling Megan’s experience an insight into how mothers feel after losing their babies. While miscarriage is still a taboo in major parts of the world and there are so many stigmas attached to it, it is not the mother’s fault or mistake, as popularly believed.

Megan Markle’s miscarriage happened right in the middle of a pandemic when everyone was overburdened with pandemic stress and anxiety. This incidence itself it’s a trauma that can leave permanent scars. According to a study, every one in six people who have experienced a miscarriage suffers from post-traumatic stress which may last for years.

Most miscarriages happen during the first trimester of pregnancy. While for some people the news miscarriage and pregnancy are given together which makes suffering this loss even more difficult.

Despite being so common, communication and opening up about miscarriages are very rare. Losing a baby can make a woman feel disconnected from herself and it may take years to overcome it.

But watching other people coming forward, like Megan Markle’s miscarriage story is so heartfelt for everyone. It somehow reminds every woman that she is not alone in this and there are other women too who can understand their loss.

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Some women have called Megan’s story a depiction of their own feelings. It feels like someone is telling them exactly what they felt.

Megan has emphasized that it is necessary to ask all such women if they are okay because they truly need this. The support, care, and love coming from loved ones after losing a baby are highly desirable. Even a doctor can provide immediate support, she says.

Women often blame themselves after losing a baby or they expect their partners to ‘fix’ it or make them feel better. This trauma-related stress can go absolutely anywhere and it can even make a person suicidal if disconnected from everyone

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This stress needs attention and treatment both especially if the woman has a previous history of any mental health problem or stress. Being heartbroken is devastating but at the same time, it can make a woman process her emotions while dealing with her loss. Kind words, support, and love can make all this much easier.

Megan Markle opening up about her miscarriage is highly appreciable and it is clearly giving hope to other women who have suffered this same loss.





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