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Best and Worst Weight Loss Diets for 2021 (US News & World Report)

People who are searching for a weight loss diet to try in 2021 will be happy to know that the latest report on the best and worst weight loss diets by US News & World Report is now published. According to this report, the Mediterranean diet is ranked the best diet overall as it is super easy to follow, nutritionally balanced, and healthy.

The US News & World Report publishes a review of the best and worst weight-loss diets every year. And this is the fourth time in a row that the Mediterranean diet has been rated the number one choice to lose weight. This report is made by a group of nutritionists and wellness experts who have expertise in heart health, weight loss, general health, and diabetes. They analyzed 39 different diet plans and evaluated them according to various factors.  These diets include keto diet, Atkins diet, Jenny Craig weight loss, Weight Watchers diet, and others.

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This year, the four diets were added to this evaluation list for the first time. It included a modified Keto Diet, Noom Diet, the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Diet, and lastly, the Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) Diet.

These best and worst weight-loss diets ranking is based on seven different factors which are used to rate every one of these diets on a scale with numeric. These factors are nutritional value, ease of following, long term and short-term goals, risks and safety, and role in medical conditions.

The Mediterranean diet which is considered the best option for healthy weight loss is not only easy to follow but has hidden benefits for medical patients i.e., diabetics, heart patients, etc. It is a completely plant-based diet which regulates sugar, cholesterol, and blood circulation levels, saving from cardiovascular diseases.

In this new ranking, all restrictive and fad diets such as the keto diet remained at the bottom, showing that it is not an effective/safe long-term weight loss approach. The top five in these best diets share one thing that they are nutritious and healthy. All of them contain plant-based ingredients that are low-calorie and diet-friendly.

People living in Mediterranean countries are famous for their longer lives which are associated with their healthy lifestyle and diet. Historically, these people relied on plants, nuts, and healthy sources of fat to obtain their nutrition instead of switching to unhealthy foods. These areas are also called blue zones, of the world for their population to live healthy and longer than the rest of the world.

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Despite used as a weight loss diet, the Mediterranean diet doesn’t have a calorie restriction or an extremely rigid diet plan. All food sources included in this diet are already low in calories and in any combination, they don’t cause a weight gain in any user. But it is not suitable for people who are looking to lose weight within days or need a ‘structured diet’ like a high-protein diet.

On the other side, the keto diet, Dukan, and others were ranked as the worst weight loss diets for their difficulty to follow, less nutritional value, and risks involved. The report doesn’t say that these diets don’t help in weight loss. In fact, they provide faster weight loss benefits than the best weight-loss diets, still, they are not a good option to follow for the long term.



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