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Exercise in Cold Weather can Burn More Fat

If you are struggling with overweight and obesity but have no motivation to lose weight, here is good news for you. The new study reveals that exercise in cold weather helps you burn fat faster than exercising in summer. The winter exercise targets sarcolipin, a naturally occurring peptide in body muscles, and make it make more mitochondria, which initiate weight loss. These study findings suggest everyone prioritizes exercise in cold weather especially outdoors and gets maximum benefits.

The complete study findings are published in the Journal of Applied Physiology.

Many people associate good exercise with sweating and chills which is common during summer workouts. But if the weather drops, instead of making it an excuse for not exercising, people should try to get benefits by doing exercise in cold weather.

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Typically when a person performs any physical activity, it works on metabolism and improves it. a high metabolic rate regulates lipids in the blood and increasing the intensity of exercise burns fat faster. However, temperature plays a supportive role in this metabolic boost and weight loss.

Sarcolipin (SLN), a peptide inside body muscles is involved in this faster weight loss during winter and there is plenty of data that suggests that a high SLN function saves from morbid obesity and associated diseases. Knowing that SLN activation requires high-intensity exercise, the research team decided to check its efficiency during colder months when most people choose not to do regular exercise.

This current study included moderately healthy but overweight adults which were divided into two groups, each one of which received a different type of exercise sessions. Both these groups were asked to do one-minute-long cycling sprints ten times, using up to 90% of the effort. It was followed by a 90-second relaxation and recovery period with only 30% of energy and effort.

The research team recorded that the temperature of these participants ranged between 32 degrees to 70 degrees Fahrenheit in different sessions. They performed a complete temperature evaluation by recording the skin temperature, heart rate, and even the core body temperature of these participants.

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Based on the results, the research team concluded that high-intensity exercise in cold weather can actually increase the lipid oxidation in the body up to 358% as compared to exercise in any thermoneutral condition.

This condition is even not changed if the person eats high-fat food and then performs an exercise in the cold weather. According to the research team, it is sad to see that people avoid exercise in cold, make the weather change an excuse for not working out which is not wise.

It is necessary to naturally boost SLN levels of the body for which one has to stay outdoor and involve himself in any high-intensity exercise. But it doesn’t mean that one has to push himself outside when it is snowing or extremely cold. Check the weather forecast and fix a time to do the exercise outdoor.




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