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COVID-19 Cases in Spain Cross Two Million Milestone

Spain is currently battling with the third wave of coronavirus with a 25% increase in daily cases in the last two weeks. After the holidays, the daily cases have rapidly increased and the country reported 23,000 cases within the last 24 hours, marking two million COVID-19 cases in Spain.

The Spanish health ministry has announced that the total number of COVID-19 cases in Spain has reached 2,024,904, and 43,360 cases are reported during the last 48 hours. However, health experts suggest that the actual number of cases is much higher than this.

The health ministry’s deputy head, Sarah Jose Serra has confirmed this figure today, saying that the cases are rapidly increasing again, after showing a decline previously. It clearly shows that the country might be in the third phase of this pandemic.

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During the last 48 hours time, there were 245 deaths by COVID-19 reported, making the total number of deaths 51,675. The prevalence of COVID-19 cases has also increased from 296 patients in every 100,000 people to nearly 321 cases, according to the latest figures.

In the third week of October 2020, the COVID-19 cases in Spain increased by one million cases, making it the first European country to have such a high number of cases. The Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez somehow admitted that these numbers are just those cases which are a part of official records and the real cases are probably three times more than this number.

In the second-third week of December, a study based on the Spanish population estimated that 4.7 million of its population is already infected. It makes nearly 10% of the total population. As the number of cases increased again, many areas of the country imposed new lockdowns, restricting public activity. However, the government was somehow adamant to impose another lockdown life before to control the cases.

Jose Serra from the Spanish Health Ministry also confirmed that the mutated coronavirus strain from the UK is also identified in 60 patients. She suspects that this mutated virus might be behind the recent increase in new COVID-19 cases in Spain. She shared no plans of a lockdown.

Overall, COVID-19 cases in Europe have been rapidly increasing in many countries. Some of them have imposed a lockdown for a second and even for the third time. However, Spain declares that its current emergency rules are enough to control the situation and the country doesn’t need a lockdown.

The memories of the first wave of COVID-19 in Spain are still fresh ten months later when a strict nation-wide lockdown was imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic. No one was allowed to be outside even for a walk, or for exercise and the government eventually eased the rules slowly.

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The country lifted the lockdown in June and all the regions were advised to make sure of controlling the situation. The pandemic emergency granted these regions a right to impose a restriction, rule, curfew, or all of them under the law. But they were not empowered to impose any lockdown and the decision of regional and national level lockdown remained at central government.

Two regions in Spain, Castille and Leon are among the worst-hit areas and have requested the central government to impose a short-term lockdown. However, their request has been dismissed.

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