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Nearly 80% American Population have Magnesium Deficiency  

Millions of people are struggling with their weight, trying to eat minimum, following fad diets, and spending so much money on weight loss surgeries and whatnot. While dieting remains the most commonly used weight-loss tool, many people find it hard to quit sugar, despite knowing its dangers for the body. surprisingly, a new study has revealed that half of the US population has a magnesium deficiency, which makes it harder for them to stop using sugar. According to them, magnesium-rich foods improve weight loss performance and overcome unhealthy sugar cravings.

Magnesium deficiency is the key reason someone is craving sugar, especially chocolates. Chocolate contains a high amount of magnesium, which suggests that probably the craving and deficiency have some link with each other.

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Although there is research evidence that suggests how magnesium deficiency may affect food cravings it probably needs more investigation first. Magnesium is an essential mineral that is required for the healthy functioning of the body and there is clear evidence that more than half of the US population is suffering from a magnesium deficiency. Nearly 80% of people are unable to get their magnesium content from the diet.

A recent study published in Open Heart journal has termed this deficiency as an emerging health crisis. Not only it makes a person eat more sugar, and end up being obese but also makes weight loss impossible. In addition to that, it affects bone health, cardiovascular health, metabolism, sleeping cycle, cellular health, energy levels as well as the mood of a person.

Having a magnesium deficiency can also increase the risks for hypertension, diabetes type 2, and a number of bone and joints diseases including osteoporosis.

Luckily there are so many dietary options to protect yourself from magnesium deficiency. The richest source of magnesium is cacao inside the chocolate. But it doesn’t mean that people should overeating chocolate for magnesium intake. There are many companies that make cacao-only chocolates or dark chocolates with minimum sugar or no sugar. You can use any of them in your recipes to get the necessary amount of magnesium.

Other sources of magnesium include seeds, dry fruits, nuts, brown rice, seeds, and some green veggies. You can mix and match them to create your own recipe for a magnesium-rich smoothie.

The daily dietary recommendation for magnesium is 420 mg (adult men) and nearly 320 mg (adult women).  You can obtain all of it from one food or take it from parts from a variety of foods.

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There are more reasons to take care of your magnesium intake during this pandemic as magnesium deficiency is also involved in low immunity. You need optimum magnesium levels to maintain immunity and lower the risk of diseases and infections.

At this time when the risk of coronavirus, flu, and seasonal cold is still high, it is necessary to make sure that your body is taking a sufficient amount of magnesium. Not just for weight loss, it will also help to prepare the body in case of pathogenic attack or invasion. Those who are already infected can take magnesium supplements in their diet, which will speed up their recovery. However, self-supplementation is never a good idea especially if you are battling with a disease. Feel free to ask your doctor about using magnesium supplements.

Areeba Hussain

The author is a fulltime medical and healthcare writer. She graduated in Medical Microbiology and Immunology with distinction. Her areas of prime interest are medicine, medical technology, disease awareness, and research analysis. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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