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Basic Weight Loss Tricks Which Work Without Dieting

If you have ever gone on a diet for weight loss, you know how it feels and why most people lose motivation in the middle and quit it. According to health experts, low carb intake and restrictive eating play a huge part in this weight loss stress. Besides, it is not an ideal way to shed unnecessary fat and is often recurring. Even if you complete this frustrating dieting journey for once, all this weight will come back once you start eating normally again. So what’s the secret? How to lose weight without stressing yourself? There are many easy-to-do weight loss tricks that can do wonders, without actually going on a diet.

Here is a list of these weight loss tricks which can help to lose weight fast.

Remove all tempting foods

It is extremely hard to resist your favorite food especially when you are dieting. But if you remove all these tempting foods from your surroundings, it may help to get over sugar cravings. For example, get rid of the candy, cakes, cupcakes, and cookies in the house. If there are other people who are not struggling with weight and prefer eating these, you can hide these sugary treats into colored containers where you cant see them. Once these tempting foods are out of sight, you won’t be thinking about eating them. Health experts regard this out of sight, out of mind as one of the best weight loss tricks that actually work.

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Don’t be harsh on yourself

Although every weight loss struggle involves patience and self-control even if you have made a slip sometimes, no need to stress out about it. A cheat meal doesn’t affect the weight loss progress much if you are ready to compensate for it by following the healthy diet again instead of prolonging it. For some people, the ‘diet meal’ becomes ‘diet day’ and eventually ‘diet week’ because they consider it a problem at their end, and instead of following up, they quit the diet, hoping to start again soon.

Switch to alternatives

The technique of creative swapping is indeed one of the best weight loss tricks. Instead of restricting one food type, choose a healthier variant of it and never deprive your body of anything. For example, if you don’t like eating veggies, add them into your regular meals, dips, smoothies, and even in drinks. This way, your body doesn’t have to compromise in terms of nutrition and without forcing it on your body, you can start eating veggies.

Don’t run after a goal

Most people assume that following weight loss tricks is to meet their dietary goals. However, health experts suggest not to become hyper-focused on your endpoint. Weight gain and weight loss are something that runs side by side.

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There is no such thing as doing all of this struggle at once and live a carefree life later. Weight loss is one phase and the struggle doesn’t even if a person is able to reach his or her ‘ideal’ weight. the maintenance phase is equally frustrating and restrictive in the diet. Eventually, the person feels trapped in this constant weight loophole. Maintaining a balance between these efforts is necessary and self-care is way over than weight loss goals.

Try to make peace within yourself, engage in a healthy activity, set your sleeping patterns, and prioritize health over a skinny body.


Areeba Hussain

The author is a fulltime medical and healthcare writer. She graduated in Medical Microbiology and Immunology with distinction. Her areas of prime interest are medicine, medical technology, disease awareness, and research analysis. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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