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WHO Team Finds Nothing During the Investigation on Coronavirus in China

The highly anticipated coronavirus inquiry by the WHO team in China has ended with nothing significant found. The investigating team has presented a theory suggesting that the coronavirus came from a research lab but it has not identified any animal or source to link it with humans.

It is most likely that this virus was transmitted from animals to humans, but there is no clear information on which species became the source of this transmission. This WHO inquiry in China was long delayed and was potentially controversial as the US was forcing this inquiry while China was reluctant to allow it.

This inquiry team did close monitoring of the incidence but found no evidence of the disease was already present before the first Covid case was identified. It looks like that the viral transmission from animals to humans is still in progress but the conspiracy theory of the virus being leaked from a research lab is highly unlikely, according to the experts.

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The investigating team tried their best to track down the origin of coronavirus, which initiated a pandemic that has taken at least 2.3 million lives to this day. Still, many countries are struggling with their daily Covid cases, especially after the mutated strains are identified which are much more dangerous and transmissible than the original virus.

Covid vaccination programs have started in many countries and Iran delivering the Sputnik V vaccine by Russia is the latest addition to this list. Iran is ready to receive nearly 4.2 million AstraZeneca doses made by the oxford research team within a few weeks or months. It is receiving these vaccinations as a part of the Covax scheme which is a program run to deliver coronavirus vaccines to all parts of the world and not just to the rich countries.

This AstraZeneca vaccine is all set to deliver its vaccine to nearly 145 countries of the world under this Covax program but after has shown ineffective results against the mutated strain, this progress is set back. Although it is effective against the British variant but South African variant which is the ‘most mutated’ form of coronavirus is not much affected by this vaccine.

These findings have delayed the process of vaccination in South Africa, however, WHO has endorsed the efforts of AstraZeneca calling them essential to fight this battle against the deadly Covid pandemic. The decision to dismiss the AstraZeneca vaccine is probably too early at this point. Besides the study which identified this effect was small scale and only preliminary.

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It is necessary to develop all the tools which can help against the pandemic as soon as possible. Meanwhile understanding the roots of the virus still remains essential to develop other treatment plans and prevent pandemics in the future.

AstraZeneca is currently working on modifying the effects of their vaccine so that it can provide complete protection against all mutated variants including the South African strains.


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