Study Explains How to Control Coronavirus Depression

Depression cases are increasing day by day and the recent coronavirus pandemic has contributed directly to its incidence. The recent reports suggest that anxiety and depression symptoms are no less than three folds higher now, as they were before this pandemic. These stress levels are increasing at the emotional cost of people who are trying to make it through this pandemic time.

This coronavirus depression is not just common in vulnerable patients but everyone. However, the risk of complications is much higher in vulnerable groups.

People who were experiencing depression before the pandemic hit experienced lots of changes, which affected their medicine intake, mood swings, and supply of medical necessities, influencing the occurrence of stressful episodes. Almost all of them agree that the depression this year has been much worse than before, mainly because of the on-going coronavirus pandemic.

According to health experts, every person is somehow at risk of this pandemic-linked depression. It is common to feel down, disappointed, helpless, or even hopeless. Even after the lockdowns and restrictions are eased, it is never going to be the same thing, and meeting people would be more anxious than ever.

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Everyone is highly likely to have this constant feeling of depression, with or without any reason, according to psychologists. This depression is somehow the normal human response towards a public health crisis that has shaken the world. People can experience insomnia, agitation, and lack of motivation. Even the weight gain during this period is also somehow normal but if all of these feelings start to show up every other day, it is a warning sign for depression.

Depression is normal these days but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t require treatment and it is fine to live with it. If ignored, depression can be an extremely life-threatening problem that may persuade for suicide. Considering the high incidence of depression during the coronavirus pandemic, it is necessary to identify it and take measures to counter it.

Here are a few things that may help a person to pass-through this depression.

Professional help

Severe depression such as thinking of self-harm or suicide can not be relieved through medicines and require professional treatment. Despite the limited facilities, it is still necessary to look for all available options to get help.  In case a therapist is not available, it is better to contact the primary healthcare provider and share these concerns.

Self-help measures

Along with professional treatment, a little self-help is ideal to get better results. For example, add little things in life which make you happy or help to pass this stressful time. It could be a hobby, activity, person, or thing which induces happiness. Although the time is difficult adjusting the expectations from the pandemic can help to manage this stress.

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Exercise and yoga

There is plenty of scientific evidence revealing how exercise and yoga can help to relieve depression symptoms. The plus point is that you will also experience good physical health, along with mental health benefits.

Connect with people

Connecting with other people and sharing the feeling can also help to overcome depression. Health experts encourage depression patients who reach out to people, for example, family or friends, and engage with them. Social support works great for relieving stress in general and helps a person feel better about himself.

Areeba Hussain

The author is a fulltime medical and healthcare writer. She graduated in Medical Microbiology and Immunology with distinction. Her areas of prime interest are medicine, medical technology, disease awareness, and research analysis. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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