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US Government Will Distribute at Least 25 Million Cloth masks in Public

US Government is almost ready to deliver nearly 25 million cloth masks in the country from March, in an effort to save people from the Covid-19 pandemic. Jeff Zients, who is the Coronavirus Response Coordinator at White House has confirmed this plan to start as soon as possible.

According to Jeff, their target is to deliver these cloth masks to the community healthcare units and food banks all over the country that are struggling with new Covid-19 cases. These 25 million masks will be shared between 1,300 different health centers and nearly 60,000 food pantries in the US.

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This new statement also reports that the cloth masks that will be distributed to control the spread of Covid-19 will not be ordinary masks but high-quality fabric masks that are washable. This mask distribution will be free of cost and non-discriminatory.

He further said that this new policy will help those people who are in a situation where they can’t afford a mask or can’t get access to it. The community-based health centers targeted by this mask distribution drive are mainly those which are operating in under-sourced localities.  Nearly 2/3rd people who come here for help are poor, 60% of them belong to the minority group and 1.4 million people are homeless. Every recipient at these community healthcare centers would be allowed to take two masks.

It is a $86 million worth program that, if become successful will save millions of people to spread or get exposed to the coronavirus. The idea of this Covid-19 prevention cloth masks distribution plan came up according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s new statement revealing how high-quality cloth masks can save the mask-wearing person and people around them to contract the virus.

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According to these new guidelines shared by CDC, wearing a surgical mask and covering it with a cloth mask adds up protection, improving the filtration levels and save a person from deadly Covid-19.

CDC has shared complete information about all available face masks that are used to avoid contracting the coronavirus. Cloth masks were initially considered less effective than surgical and medical-grade face masks. Everyone should wear a facemask whenever in public, or in a gathering. According to the new guidelines updated on February 2, 2021, wearing a face mask is mandatory while traveling through buses, planes, and trains and any other type of on planes, buses, trains, and other forms of public transportation. It is applicable to domestic and international travels.

While there are many types of masks available, choosing anyone among all can minimize the risks of spreading the virus. Cloth masks are made of different types and quality fabrics.

While choosing a cloth mask, find one that made of different layers and is breathable. If it has a nose wire, it is a plus point. Don’t buy and use a mask that affects breathing or contains a single layer of fabric. For best, wear two masks; a cloth mask over a disposable mask underneath.




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