Are Face Masks Essential For Vaccinated People?

As the more contagious variants of the coronavirus spread across the US, the health experts recommend getting the Covid vaccines as early as possible. The surge in the Delta variant-related cases over the past weeks worried the authorities and people who already received the vaccine shots. These individuals wonder if they need to start wearing face masks as again as the coronavirus cases rise in the country. Also, the more transmissible variant strains are a cause of worry as they spread more rapidly. 

The Covid vaccines are effective in keeping the severe coronavirus infection at bay. These vaccines prevent hospitalization and death after receiving the complete doses. However, the risk of contracting the variant strains of coronavirus prevails as more breakthrough coronavirus cases come forward. 

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According to the experts, vaccinated people should look at the transmission of coronavirus in their community. They can also consider their personal health, and other risk factors to evaluate the risk of developing the infection. No doubt, the conditions are not the same for every person and vary from community to community. Some communities have a high risk of the spread of the virus because of the low vaccination rate. Meanwhile, other communities show a high rate of vaccinations with an overall decreased number of coronavirus cases.

Previously, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated the mask mandate back in May. At that time, the CDC eased the mask restriction as a step to return to normalcy. Moreover, the federal government was confident in the rapid vaccination of the Americans. 

Recently, the US reported a sudden surge in the number of coronavirus cases. The country came forward with 50,000 new infections, mostly due to the delta variant. This strain targeted most regions with a low vaccination rate and spread rapidly across the US. Although coronavirus cases increase at a rapid rate, the number of deaths and hospitalizations remains low. 

The average number of deaths due to the coronavirus remains in the 200 figure per day. It is significantly low as as compared to 3500 over the past months. A previous surge during the winter caused thousands of deaths per day. However, the current number remains low, mostly due to the high vaccination rate in the US. 

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According to Rochelle Walensky, the director of the CDC, nearly 97% of hospitalizations are among those who did not receive any vaccine for the virus. Also, 99.5% of the deaths are among the unvaccinated people as well, as informed by Vivek Murthy, the Surgeon General. 

Walensky also mentioned that the CDC did not update the masks guidelines because the agency recommends looking at the local conditions. The situation of a particular community can help determine if there is a need for face masks or not. For instance, a community with a high number of coronavirus cases and a low vaccination rate needs to wear masks to avoid the spread of the virus. 

According to health experts, those who did not receive any vaccine should always wear a face mask to avoid contracting the virus. Meanwhile, the vaccinated people can make a personal choice of wearing the mask, depending on the situation of their community. 


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