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Ask Health News is a news portal created and operated by health and fitness enthusiasts. We publish news primarily about health. Our publication is independent and focused on publicizing information about different sectors within the health vertical bringing to people news as well as analysis in the field of healthcare, pharmaceuticals, medicines, diseases, diet and lots more. Our team reviews the most relevant daily news in our field and judiciously researches and reports on the latest trends in health.

Editors & Authors

James Anderson – Editor

Having developed startups for the better part of the last decade, James now covers healthcare stories with a business slant. Email: james@askhealthnews.com

Hannah Cleese – Contributor

An author at Ask Health News, Hannah has a good experience in Health And Physical Education and delivers her research work to entertain readers. Her words reflect creativity and intellect as she succeeds in shaping them into interesting articles for readers. Email: cleese@askhealthnews.com

Emma Colleen – Contributor

The author has the academic background of hospital management as well as content writing, giving her an edge in the field. Emma is always curious about physical and mental health. She is passionate about research and delivering high-quality reliable content to users. Before joining our team Emma worked as a freelanced content writer and copy editor. She is a housewife with health-related web experience and is a mother of two. Along with other novels, author have also published about many health-related technologies, advancements and physical fitness. Being an all-rounder makes her stand out in the line.  Email: Emma@askhealthnews.com

Lisa Matthew – Contributor

Conducting research in a laboratory can often feel isolated so Lisa prefers writing about scientific research in healthcare. She contributes stories about the latest research in all fields related to health. Email: lisa@askhealthnews.com


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