AHN Scholarship


Ask Health News is a reliable online platform, keeping its readers informed about trending news of health, fitness, medicine and disease on daily basis. Our team at AHN is inclined towards providing accurate and well-researched information to help readers understand the topics better.

AHN in its mission to spread health awareness and knowledge has now planned to offer a yearly scholarship worth of $1500 to college/university students who would submit aspiring essays on a selected health topic.

Our scholarship program is to encourage students to contribute in the research side of the health sector. In return, this scholarship program will happily cover the academic expenses of the winner.


Students are required to submit a 1000 words long article on the topic titled “Mental Health: How to take care of it?”.  Essay must contain opinion on how to help out people who are suffering from any kind of mental condition.


Applicants who want to apply for the scholarship must meet the given eligibility criteria.

  • The participant needs to be an enrolled student of any community or state college or university of USA during the session 2019-2020.
  • Paraphrasing or Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Article must not violate any kind of copyrights.
  • The content must be typed in Microsoft Word or PDF with good alignment.
  • The content must only be written in English.


  • Full Name
  • Email address
  • College/University Name
  • Field of Study
  • College/University’s Student ID card
  • The essay attached with all the documents should be emailed to scholarship@askhealthnews.com .


  • The article must be received on or before Dec 15th, 2019.
  • The applicants will be selected based on the quality of written content. Once the applicants have been selected, they will receive the check on or before Jan 2020.
  • Note: The scholarship amount of $1500 will be sent to the respective college/university via check or PayPal). The scholarship will be awarded annually.